Weston-super-Mare Angling Association

Weston-super-Mare AA Waters


Old River Axe 

Hobbs Boat to Cowbridge (North Bank Only)

River Axe 

Bleadon Bridge (South Bank Only) & 6 swims to Hunters (North Bank Only)

Paddocks to Lymsham (North Bank Only)

Ham Lane to Motorway (South Bank Only) and Shiplate (North Bank Only)


No Fishing at Batch Farm


North Drain  -  Pumping Station to Blakeway Bridge

South Drain  -  Gold Corner (TA9-3PF) to Edington Junction (TA7-8NU)

River Brue  -  Manor of Mark

Locking Pits (BS22-8LQ)

Summer Lane Pond (BS24-7AY)

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Summer Lane Pond


Summer Lane Ponds 


Locking Pit Ponds


River Axe- Paddock